Joshua Jackson Would Audition For Batman Again

Even with "Fringe" facing the very serious threat of cancellation, Joshua Jackson's days as a crime-fighting hero will never be over. Sure, he'll finish his time as Peter Bishop before too much longer — even if "Fringe" is renewed, it likely only has one more season left to its name — but Jackson's got a knack for saving the day just in the nick of time.

In fact, the "Dawson's Creek" alum was once a candidate to don the cape and cowl for Christopher Nolan in "Batman Begins." Of course, the role eventually went to Christian Bale, and the rest is history.

But with Nolan's trilogy wrapping up this summer and Warner Bros. on the record with wanting another Batman reboot, it's never too early to wonder who could play the Dark Knight next… and Jackson says that if he gets another shot at the role, he'll absolutely go for it, though not entirely without reservation.

"I'm not going to turn down an audition for Batman if they ask me," Jackson told Coming Soon in a recent interview. "As much as nobody in their right mind would turn down that job, I don't know if you really want to be the guy after Chris Nolan and Christian Bale. Those movies are pretty fantastic."

"It would have been a different movie if I had been cast," he continued. "You never want to admit you think somebody else made the right decision when they didn't hire you, but Christian Bale was pretty amazing. The marriage of Chris Nolan and Christian Bale for those Batman movies was spectacular. I would be intimidated to step into those shoes, but if they asked me to audition, I would."

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