Jennifer Lawrence: Hero Of The Week

You've probably seen a lot of "Hunger Games" star Jennifer Lawrence this week. Or this month, for that matter. The Oscar nominee has been all over the place promoting the release of her very highly-anticipated film. In my opinion, Lawrence has earned hero status just for enduring the very long hours and nonstop interviews for her whirlwind and worldwide press tour. There has to come a point when you're out of gas and do not want to talk to another reporter or pose for another photo, but through it all Lawrence has remained poised and polite. These are both admirable qualities, for sure, but not necessarily heroic.

Lawrence is this week's hero because of her captivating performance as Katniss Everdeen, one of the greatest female protagonists ever. Katniss is a young woman with real problems, the most cumbersome being her every day fight for survival. Lawrence worked hard to transform herself into the "girl on fire" both physically and mentally, and I think she fully embodies Katniss' strength, resilience, intelligence, independence and self-awareness. Four of my very favorite qualities in women.

Speaking of self-awareness, Lawrence seems to have it in spades, which is a wonderfully refreshing quality in a young actress. Take for instance the self-deprecating interview in the video above, in which she readily admits to the things she doesn't think she does well at all, like whistling and dancing.

"Apparently I'm a bad whistler," she told us of trying to carry a tune during a memorable scene in the film. "I didn't know. I was like 'Yeah, yeah. Cool, cool, cool,' and then we started whistling and [director] Gary Ross was [like] 'God, you suck at whistling. Just do this, [purse] with your lips and don't actually whistle.'"

"You should see me dance. I'm terrible at everything," she continued. "God, this is really sad. I can't do anything. I'm like short-selling myself, with like crying. I'm like, 'I fake everything. I'm not a good actor. Next question!'"

Likable, charming and totally heroic, I say. Also bad ass. And let's not forget Lawrence's very memorable and surprisingly moving turn as Raven/Mystique in "X-Men: First Class." Fingers crossed she gets some R&R between the release of "Hunger Games," the start of filming on "Catching Fire," and makes time for the sequel to "First Class," whenever that gets going.

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