Clark Gregg, Stan Lee Tease New 'Avengers' Details

"The Avengers" might not be out in theaters yet, but at least one lucky star of the film has already seen it. Clark Gregg, who plays S.H.I.E.L.D. member Agent Coulson, admitted in a recent interview that he not only has seen "The Avengers," but he's also a big fan of it.

"I think the fans, like me, will be as excited as I was, when I saw it. From the minute I read Joss Whedon's script, I thought, 'Oh, man, this is going to be fun to do!'" Gregg told Collider in a recent interview promoting the Disney XD Marvel Universe animated series "Ultimate Spider-Man."

"The hardest thing to get right is to figure out how to bring all those characters together, and to fulfill the promise of 'The Avengers,'" he continued. "They really set a very high bar for themselves because you've been setting this coalition up, for these five movies, and they better deliver. And in my opinion, they thoroughly deliver."

Gregg wasn't the only one giving Collider exciting teasers for "The Avengers." The website also caught up with Marvel guru Stan Lee, who teased his involvement in both this film and "The Amazing Spider-Man." Lee makes a cameo in all of the recent Marvel movies, and apparently these latest two are some of his best.

"'The Avengers' cameo that you will see, when that movie opens up, is possibly one of my best. And you know good mine have been, but it is so funny. I can't tell you what it is ‘cause they'd kill me, but it is funny," he said. "So is the 'Spider-Man' one, by the way. They're deciding to make my cameos a little funnier. They know that's what brings the audiences in, of course, so they've gotta play them up."

The next Marvel movie Lee is set to make an appearance in is "Iron Man 3." The film won't start shooting until June, so Lee doesn't have the details yet on what his part in the movie will be.

"I haven't done that cameo yet. It's almost scary 'cause they just give me a date. They'll say, 'Stan, come over next Thursday for your cameo,' but they don't tell me what it is," he explained. "I go on the set and one minute before we're gonna shoot, the director says, 'Okay, Stan, this is what I want you to do.' So, I don't know what is expected of me, until I get there, but of course, I do it magnificently."

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