'Wolverine' Teaser Poster Is Awesome, But Is It Real?


"The Wolverine" doesn't claw into theaters until the summer of 2013, but that's not stopping Logan's sojourn to Japan from materializing in poster form. Well... maybe, that is.

Screen Rant unearthed an incredibly awesome poster for "The Wolverine," director James Mangold's adaptation of the classic Marvel Comics character. The poster apparently comes from an Instagram photo taken in Mangold's own offices, though the authenticity of the poster is still not entirely verified.

But authentic or not, official or fan-made, this poster is nine shades of awesome. Take a look for yourself after the break.

Pretty sweet, right? I've got my doubts about this being the real deal — "Wolverine" hasn't even started shooting yet, casting hasn't really begun, though neither fact has stopped other flicks from getting a head start on the promotional campaign in the past — but I sure as hell hope this is the aesthetic that Mangold and Fox aim for when the time comes.

Much as I love the guy, I've seen enough "Hugh Jackman scowling/holding claws menacingly" posters to last me a lifetime. (See up top for further reference.) A star-less, design-focused and theme-heavy poster like this one, however, would be the precise breath of fresh air we so desperately need to get the foul stench of "X-Men Origins" out of the stratosphere once and for all.

Do you think this "Wolverine" poster is real? Do you want it to be real? Sound off in the comments section or on Twitter with your theories and speculation!