'Chronicle' Director Josh Trank To Helm 'The Red Star'

Ever since Josh Trank's debut film "Chronicle" burst onto the scene earlier this year and surprised everyone with its low budget, superpowered awesomeness, it seems like he has been rumored to be attached to every big comic book property that studios want to get off the ground. First there was "Fantastic Four" and then there was "Venom," but now it seems like Trank has finally been nailed down for one project.

Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros has signed Trank to develop an adaptation of the graphic novel "The Red Star." Jason Rothenberg, another up-and-comer who just wrote the screenplay for "The Twilight Zone," will pen the script.

Honestly, it seems like Trank made the right decision by opting for a smaller graphic novel for his first film after his sudden surge of popularity. "Chronicle" worked because it was a big story told on a small scale, but that's near impossible with a big-budget movie like "Fantastic Four" and "Venom" (even if studios want to go the low-budget route with them). "The Red Star" could potentially give Trank more room to breathe and find his footing since it's a lesser known work.

For the unfamiliar, "The Red Star" is set in an alternate Soviet Union where advanced technology is used alongside magical powers. The comic follows a group of heroes who discover their country's true motives in a war against a smaller neighboring country called Al'staan. Christian Gossett wrote the sci-fi/fantasy novel.

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