Clive Owen Doesn't Know When 'Sin City 2' Will Shoot

"Sin City 2" could finally begin production this summer, Robert Rodriguez says — but if that's the plan, it's the first that would-be leading man Clive Owen has heard of it.

Owen, who starred in the original "Sin City" as photographer and mystery man Dwight McCarthy, recently told MTV News that his future with the Frank Miller graphic novel series remains the same as it's ever been: entirely unclear.

"No, I don't know where that's at, really," Owen told MTV News at the press junket for "Intruders," his new thriller from Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (formerly of "The Crow.") "They've been talking about 'Sin City 2' since we did the first one however many years ago."

Which isn't to say that Owen wouldn't be up for a return trip to Basin City — on paper, the actor would be "interested" in giving it another go as Dwight.

"Listen, I had a fantastic time with [Rodriguez] on that movie," said the actor. "I thought the movie was seriously groundbreaking. I'm a big fan of it as a movie. So yeah, of course I would be interested in doing it — but I really don't know what the state of it is."

With "Sin City 2" reportedly taking its cues from the graphic novel "A Dame to Kill For," Dwight McCarthy is arguably the lead of Rodriguez and Miller's planned sequel. Of course, if Owen is too busy to take on the bulk of the workload himself, there's a cheat Rodriguez/Miller can take — it's a spoiler though, and we won't reveal it here.

Needless to say, even with that workaround in mind, here's hoping it's Owen, not another actor, who winds up front and center if and when "Sin City 2" ever gets off the ground.

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