'Walking Dead' Season 3: Who Is Michonne?

Fall seems so far away, but time will just have to shamble by like a Walker in a field until the next season of "The Walking Dead." While news of a returning Merle Dixon is certainly exciting, and anyone who loves the franchise knows the prison offers some potentially exciting plot points, one has to wonder about the new members sure to join Rick Grimes and company.

Most notably, there's Michonne. We only received a hooded glimpse of her in the season two finale, and if you're unfamiliar with the comics, you probably have a few questions about the creepy woman with zombies chained to her. Here's just five things to keep in mind about the show's latest addition – with only minor spoilers, not revealing story details.

5. Michonne Is A Badass

Seriously, Michonne just may be my favorite protagonist from Robert Kirkman's "Walking Dead" series. While the female characters in "Walking Dead" vary wildly in their apparent ability to defend themselves, Michonne is generally tougher than the biggest men when it comes to whacking zombies (or anyone else). She's a wonderfully empowered female character, and here's hoping the AMC series mimics the persona.

4. Two Zombie Pets And A Katana

So as you might have noticed on Sunday night, Michonne keeps a couple friends with her while walking through the zombie-infested woods. Much like Rick and Glenn used zombie guts to mask their scent, Michonne has cut the arms and lower jaws off two undead, chaining them to herself. She also expertly wields a katana, slicing the domes off zombies like nobody's business. I told you she was a badass.

3. She's Not All There

Unfortunately, those two zombie decoys are not just anyone; they're incredibly important people to Michonne. She's seen her fair share of death – much like everyone in this post-apocalyptic world – and the ordeal has not left her entirely sane. I mean, as sane as a person walking in the woods under a big hood, cutting up monsters with a samurai sword with undead dudes chained to them can be. Michonne spends an awful lot of time talking to herself.

2. Horrible Things Lay Ahead For Her

One of the biggest questions I have for upcoming season(s) of the "Walking Dead" is how the show's writers will handle The Governor. Michonne is at the center of what is – in my humble opinion – two of the most graphic and controversial scenes in comics, and there are obvious questions as to how this will play out on basic cable television. Of course, the show's writers have changed plenty already, but altering the story of Michonne could seriously change the overall tone of the series.

1. Michonne Is One Of The Most Important Characters In The Comics

I don't want to put this lightly. Michonne is probably the third most important character in the entire comic series. As the story changes – sometimes drastically – she will remain a constant focal point of just how much a human can take without completely losing their mind.

Of course, all of this could change in the television show. What do you think? Will Michonne play out like the comics, or will the character take a different path in the adaptation? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!