'Walking Dead' Season 3: Merle Dixon Is Back!

So, how about that "Walking Dead" season two finale last night? It was certainly a doozy, including a lovely little nod to fans of the comics during the episode's conclusion. You can check out a thorough re-cap of last night's nail-biter over here, but beyond the big looming prison in the distance, there's even more season three news out this morning.

Apparently, Merle Dixon – everyone's favorite one-handed racist – will make a return to "The Walking Dead" when the show returns this fall.

The last time we saw Merle, he was handcuffed on the roof of a building. Stuck with the prospect of waiting on the roof like zombie-bait, Merle decided to cut off his hand in order to escape. Outside of an appearance in brother Daryl's delusion in the woods earlier this season, Merle's status was completely unknown.

According to a report from Daily Dead, Michael Rooker – who plays Merle on the show – has confirmed the character will return in season 3. While Kirkman had passingly mentioned as much during Image Expo, Rooker announced the returning role during the "Lollipop Chainsaw" panel at Wondercon.

Unfortunately, that still leaves a whole lot of questions. Rooker apparently didn't go into any details, only stating he lost 20 pounds for the role. Is he actually alive, or merely a zombie? Maybe Merle is holed-up at the prison? Maybe he's working for The Governor?

If I had to guess, I would say the latter is most likely. After all, if someone left you for dead, handcuffed on the top of a zombie-infested building, you might find yourself a tad bit aggravated. If that's true, the big question is how will all of this affect Daryl?

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