'Amazing Spider-Man' Launches New Viral Website

It turns out that the "Amazing Spider-Man" graffiti campaign that MTV News participated in not too long ago has finally started to garner some attention. A new viral website for the film called WebbedMenace.com has been launched and includes a clip from the Daily Bugle that features an interview with NYPD police captain George Stacy.

"We have a masked criminal roaming the streets of our city posing as some kind of a hero. But I ask you, what kind of a hero wears a mask?" Stacy said during the video, which encourages fans to call a new hotline number and inform authorities about any information they might have regarding Spider-Man.

The number for the hotline is 877-651-8503. Undoubtedly, that's the next step of "The Amazing Spider-Man's" awesome viral marketing campaign.

"You say vigilante, I say criminal. Five out of the last 10 cases I've personally investigated, he's been witnessed at or near the scene of the crime, okay? It doesn't take a detective to realize that's more than just a coincidence," Stacy continued in the video. "I think you need to look up the word 'victim' in the dictionary, as well as the word 'crime.'"

His final words? "Spider-Man is a pest just like any other bug. Help us catch him."

"The Amazing Spider-Man" hits theaters on July 3. You can see some footage of Splash Page editor Josh Wigler's "Spider-Man" escapades in the news report the Bugle put together about the recent graffiti campaign, or watch our full report in the video below.

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