'Deadpool' Director Tim Miller Locked In For 'Gravel'

Good news, "Gravel" fans. The adaptation of the comic book created by Warren Ellis has finally got its director in the form of "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" opening credits director/VFX extraordinaire Tim Miller. And Ellis is pretty happy about that.

Deadline broke the news about Miller, adding that he is also currently attached to helm Fox's "Deadpool" adaptation. But Ellis later took to his website to say how happy he is that his "old friend" got the directing gig.

"I’ve known Tim for years. This is basically the best news," Ellis wrote. "I’m just leaving this here, and saying that I’m happy, and will doubtless expand on it all at a later date."

Ellis wanted to clarify that, even though he's not writing the script for the film, he's still happy with the current status of "Gravel."

"Note that this film has writers who aren’t me. I can’t say a lot more than that without giving some stuff away, but some of you will remember that the original plan was for me to write this film," Ellis wrote. "Plans changed and expanded, and I was working on other things both announced and rumoured during the initial process on this film. My relationship with Legendary has grown since we made the initial deal a couple of years ago. All is good."

"Gravel" tells the story of a soldier in the British S.A.S. named William Gravel who uses his supernatural powers to battle paranormal creatures for clients in order to make some cash on the side.

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