'Avengers' Japanese Trailer Reveals Surprise Cameo

You may not be able to understand the Japanese trailer for "The Avengers," unless you spent a semester abroad in Tokyo or happen to be Japanese. But action and adventure are universally translatable pleasures, which is why there are a few surprises to be picked up from the new trailer, newly released by Yahoo! Japan.

For starters, there’s a lot more of the mysterious alien antagonists that have been teased in the American trailers. They’re shown leaping out of a wormhole, fighting our heroes, and causing widespread havoc across New York City. There aren’t really any close-ups so it’s hard to say what they look like or who they might be, though it’s safe to say it’s probably not the Kree or the Skrulls (unless Joss Whedon is royally messing with us).

There are some other cool shots of Hawkeye fighting some of those aliens, of SHIELD agent Maria Hill doubting the team’s ability to co-exist, and of Thor and Loki fighting each other high in the sky, dressed in full battle armor. But the biggest surprise is a previously unannounced cameo from another Marvel character: Pepper Potts, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, seen looking surprised from the inside of an airplane. Potts is never far behind Tony Stark, so her inclusion probably has something to do with reacting to the news that her boss has been drafted into a superhero super team.

All this further reinforces the idea that "The Avengers" is going all-in on the Marvel Universe -- and that we might see some other unexpected cameos during the movie, if we’re lucky enough. (Fingers crossed for Squirrel Girl!) Other than that, it’s just nice to see a familiar face, especially one as perfectly cast as Paltrow’s.

"The Avengers" is out on May 4, as we’ve said dozens of times.

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