New 'Avengers' Banners Assemble Online

What would "The Avengers" be without a big promotional push? There are less than two months left before the movie comes out, and yet, there still may be a handful of moviegoers unaware of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

In turn, Marvel released a handful of character-oriented promo posters highlighting all of the movie’s main heroes, which you can see over at Latino Review.

There’s Captain America, looking immaculately airbrushed and serious, while Hawkeye aims an arrow at something from the background. There’s Hawkeye again, paired up with a Hulk who looks quite ready to punch something. There’s Iron Man, apparently confident enough to hang in the battlefield without his helmet despite the risk of a head injury. Thor gets moody with the Black Widow, Nick Fury and Maria Hill point their guns at things, and so on. They’re intense posters, perfect for a particularly nerdy bedroom (speaking as someone who lived with a poster of the X-Men hanging on his wall for like eight years).

There’s no Loki, unfortunately, but this is about heroes and not villains. We wouldn’t want kids to think evil is cool, would we? Remember, you can catch up on all of the "Avengers" fun with AMC’s mega movie marathon, provided you live in one of those special cities. You can also just sit back and let the fun come to you, since May 4 is so close. It’s only 6 weeks away! What else do you have to do?

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