'Walking Dead': Who Will Die Next?

By now, most of you know that a major character bit the dust on "Walking Dead" last Sunday, even if you don't know exactly who that character is. For before-the-jump spoiler-avoiding purposes, we'll refer to the deceased as Victim X.

Well, Victim X will be getting some company from Y, Z and perhaps a few other letters before "Walking Dead" season two concludes in two episodes. Heck, s/he'll get some company as soon as this week's coming episode, "Better Angels." Lots of rumors have been swirling about regarding the show's next victim, but the truth won't really be out there until the episode airs.

As this is "The Walking Dead," there's no shortage of people who could kick the bucket in Sunday night's episode. Keep reading for our rundown of likely candidates, then vote in our poll below with your pick for the next "Dead" casualty.


Rumors have been churning nonstop in recent weeks that Jon Bernthal's disgruntled lawman would be going the way of his comic book counterpart before season's end. Even story-wise, all signs point to death: Shane's disregard for his fellow survivors' opinions, their rights to live versus his very own survival, has continued to grow all season long. But even if Shane dies, would the writers kill of the current main antagonist before the season finale? Shane might be on borrowed time, but this coming episode feels a little too soon to die, doesn't it?


Don't scoff. Sure, he's the lead character, both on the show and in the comics. But Dale was an integral character who survived deep into the comics, yet bit the dust in last Sunday's episode. Who's to say that "Walking Dead" won't give Rick a similar treatment on the show? In my opinion, Shane's the far more interesting character, and watching him take over the lead following Rick's death would be absolutely fascinating, if very dark. Maybe a stretch, but I wouldn't put it past Kirkman and the gang to do the unthinkable and take Rick off the playing field for good.


Perhaps a likely scenario in the "big shock" department is an early exit for Lori Grimes, Rick's wife. She's fueled almost all of the conflict between Rick and Shane so far—how perfectly ironic would it be for her to die as a result of the two old pals' current feud?


No one wants to see Daryl Dixon die. He's a badass. Biggest badass the show has to offer. But he's also the most prominent guy on the show without a character rooted in the comics, which means it's anyone's guess as to how much longer the crossbow-slinging hunter has left to live.


Two old men in a row? Say it ain't so! But "Walking Dead" needs to get the hell off that farm as soon as possible—it's not getting old, it's been old for at least eight episodes now—and killing the good doctor and landowner seems like the quickest way to move that plot forward.


This poor bastard doesn't seem to have much of a chance. Whether it's now or later, the odds of Randall surviving the duration of "Walking Dead" are approximately zero. But perhaps he has enough life left in him to show us exactly who the Governor is and where he's hiding out.


Killing T-Dog might not be a shock—we've been waiting for this since Merle's big rooftop incident, really—but it certainly feels like an inevitability. That said, he's got to have a second round against Merle, doesn't he? Can he die before that happens?


With Sophia gone, what does she have left to live for? Other than curing Daryl's soul—something that may well happen thanks to Dale's parting words to Dixon prior to his death—what purpose does Carol have on the show?


Lots of other characters could kick the bucket between now and the end of Sunday night, so weigh in with your thoughts. Who's going to die on this week's "Walking Dead"? Vote in the poll and justify your pick in the comments or on Twitter!

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