Kiefer Sutherland Was Almost Tim Burton's Robin

Oh boy. Now this would have been worth a few of Jack Bauer's signature "dammits."

In what's very likely the greatest what-if news of the week, Kiefer Sutherland revealed that once upon a time — aka the 1980s — the actor was being considered for the role of Robin in Tim Burton's "Batman."

"I'd just finished 'Stand By Me' and 'Young Guns' about the time that Warner Bros. were making the first 'Batman' film with Michael Keaton, and I got a call which asked me if I would be interested in playing Robin," Sutherland said in an interview with On The Box. "I was like: 'As in Robin with tights? No!'"

Turns out, it's a decision that Sutherland regrets. He said: "I didn't realize they were going to make the coolest movie ever! They didn't have a Robin in the end, but I was only 19, so my agent could have helped me out a bit on that one."

Honestly, much as I love Sutherland, much as I worship at the altar of Bauer… no. Just no. This would not have worked. Not no way, not no how. Not to say that my favorite tree-hugger wouldn't make a great superhero some day — I still maintain he's the best man for the job if you want a serious "Ghost Rider" movie (though I'll happily cling onto my "Spirit of Vengeance" love, haters be damned) — but a Robin he is not, not even in his youth.

Thanks to Blastr for pointing out this amazingness.

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