'Iron Man 2' Star John Slattery Hoping For Role In 'Avengers' Sequel

Though John Slattery's name has been tossed around for several comic book movies, the man best known as Roger Sterling from "Mad Men" has only starred in one: "Iron Man 2." Slattery played Tony Stark's father Howard Stark in several scenes in the movie.

Unfortunately, when a much younger Howard Stark became a major character in "Captain America: The First Avenger," director Joe Johnston opted to cast a much younger actor as well. Dominic Cooper picked up the mantel of Howard Stark instead of Slattery, and apparently we won't be seeing the AMC star in a Marvel movie any time soon.

"No, they haven't," Slattery told GQ when the magazine asked if Marvel had approached him to reprise his role. "I was kind of hoping for that in the beginning, but the character in 'Captain America' was 20 years earlier than the part I played, which was already 30 years earlier than the time of the film, so the short answer is no!"

But that doesn't mean he'll never be back for more superhero fun. Marvel might not have talked to Slattery yet about coming back, but he said he'd be open to returning to the comic book film franchise.

"Would I like to do Avengers 2? Yeah!" he told the magazine.

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