Joss Whedon Talks 'Avengers' Fans, Visuals, Goals

Some people doubt "The Avengers." I am not one of them. I don't know where I stand in the battle between "Dark Knight Rises" and Earth's Mightiest Heroes (okay, maybe I'm more of a Batman guy), but I have great faith in Joss Whedon's ability to bring Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the gang to the big screen in a big way.

It's not just that Whedon's a fanboy favorite, either; it's that many of his sensibilities are so rooted in the comic book world, that it just flat out makes sense that he's the man to bring "The Avengers" to life. Whedon said as much in a new interview with PhilSTAR, where he spoke about how his style meshes with the "Avengers" aesthetic.

“As much as anything, my visual style as a director comes from comic books,” he said. “My understanding of visual storytelling comes from panel art, which I was reading more voraciously than I was watching movies for most of my childhood. In that sense, I had sort of a head start when I started visualizing this film."

“Visually, the movie is similar to a lot of things that I do because it’s supposed to be casually iconic," he continued. "In other words, I want to hit iconic moments without hitting people over the head with them. I want it to feel like a comic book without trying to look like one. I’m trying to ride that line between bigger-than-life characters and their bigger-than-life moments and the very human aspects of them.”

Whedon touched on other issues in the interview, including his stance on fandom and how having a cast filled with A-list actors influenced his approach. At the end of the day, however, Whedon credits the world's need for superheroes with his decision to cinematically assemble Marvel's mightiest heroes.

"I want to make the kind of movie that inspires people to say, 'There should be more movies with Super Heroes in them,'" he said. "I want to make a movie that has to have Super Heroes in it and makes it very clear that the world needs Super Heroes — especially this ridiculously motley, mismatched crew of Super Heroes."

Big thanks to Comic Book Movie for pointing this one out.

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