'Avengers' Trailer Disassembled In Talk Nerdy!

by Joel Hanek

The second official "Avengers" trailer hit the Internets earlier this week and if that didn’t convince you that this movie is worth waiting in line at midnight for, then I have no idea what will. But alas, since it’s the Internet, the naysayers and the cynics have conspired to cast doubt on the awesomeness that is "The Avengers." After watching the trailer, most people have fallen into one of two camps: on one side, there are the fanboys and girls who had their hearts and minds explode on seeing the team assembled in that John Woo-vian circling camera shot. On the other side, viewers remain skeptical of the imminent summer blockbuster’s trailer-by-numbers style (everything from the doom tones a la “Inception” to the mechanical space beasts a la “Transformers”).

Check out this week's edition of Talk Nerdy to join in on the conversation. Which side are you on? Do you agree with @pharesvswild and @ericditzian and think that you need to see a little more before you’re sold, or are you geeking out like @roundhoward and wiping away tears of joy? Either way, let’s all just hope that the dialogue is better than this previous time bomb.

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