'Avengers' Trailer's Secret Villain: Chasing The Worm

by Kevin Lavi

Avengers, assemble! A giant robot alien lizard thing is taking over your movie!

Marvel's new "Avengers" trailer is, simply put, awesome. There are many parts in the trailer that stand out to fans of the franchise. We get a good look at Maria Hill, we see Thor as a captive, Iron Man owning Thor in battle, a first look at Stark Tower, and of course, The Hulk catching Iron Man as Iron Man looks to be headed for a pretty hard fall. Those are the scenes that have left fans in a mental shock, a state they will probably remain in until the film’s release.

What many fans have been waiting to see is the reveal of the aliens the Avengers crew will be pitted up against. The trailer doesn’t reveal the alien race the Avengers will be fighting, but it does have a big reveal at the very end. A giant alien/transformers like creature appears ready to battle the Avengers, which has left fans wondering: what the heck is that thing? Well, here are some possibilities…

5. Midgard Serpent (Jormungand)

Based on the creature which appears in Norse mythology with the same name, The Midgard Serpent appears in several issues of Thor before making an appearance in Avengers vol. 3 issue #1. Just like in Norse mythology, The Midgard Serpent rivals the Thunder God Thor in Marvel’s version of the serpent. They battle twice in Thor’s home realm of Asgard where the Thunder God kills The Midgard Serpent. The Serpent then resurrects and appears in the Avengers. The Midgard Serpent’s dragon like appearance and his connection to the Thor/Loki home realm of Asgard makes him a serious contender to be the dragon like bad guy battling alongside Loki himself.

4. Leviathan

Is Joss Whedon getting biblical in “The Avengers” movie? This might be the biggest long shot we have on the list, but the Leviathan, with his dragon like appearance should be considered a candidate. The Leviathan is a sea creature that first appears in the Hebrew bible, and has since remained a mythical creature in biblical and historic texts. It’s hard to see why Whedon would choose the Leviathan over other creatures, but he possesses an uncanny look to the creature in the trailer. Plus, word of some "leviathan" has been circling "The Avengers" for some time now.

3. Joss Whedon presents…

An original character in a comic book film filled with historic comic book figures? There’s not much to talk about here, because if the creature in the trailer truly is an original character, than we are left with no information about it. Like the Leviathan, an original character would be a surprising choice considering the fact that there are so many Marvel baddies Whedon can choose from. If it is an original character, I suggest Whedon should announce it as soon as possible, before fans spend the next few months betting on which Marvel character the creature at the end of the trailer is.

2. Alien Spaceship

Is it possible that the creature in “The Avengers” trailer is no creature at all? Our first glimpse of the creature actually came in the Super Bowl Avengers ad, where we saw Alien like creatures jumping off of what looks like an alien spacecraft. A closer look at that scene in the Super Bowl ad reveals that what the Aliens are jumping off of is actually the same creature as we see in the end of the new Avengers trailer. Perhaps there is no large dragon/transformers like creature in the film, but instead a large dragon/transformers like spaceship which carries the aliens that The Avengers will be battling in this film.

1. Fin Fang Foom

The alien creature with shape shifting powers seems to be getting the most buzz online. Fin Fang Foom appears to be the ideal candidate, being that he has a dragon like appearance, but comes from an alien race. May he be part of the alien race that director Joss Whedon has been hinting to? Fin Fang Foom uses his wings to fly with supersonic speed and can regenerate his health rapidly. Fin Fang Foom also possesses telepathic powers, a great mind, and has access to advanced alien technology. Fin Fang Foom usually has the appearance of a green dragon, but in the comic series Iron Man Viva Las Vegas Fin Fang Foom takes on a more metallic dragon look, which looks almost identical to what we see in “The Avengers” trailer.

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