Elizabeth Olsen Offered 'Oldboy' Female Lead

The Spike Lee remake of "Oldboy" is still happening, though production is coming mighty slow. Josh Brolin was attached to play the Oh Dae-Su role quite some time ago (he’ll be rechristened as Dave Ott or something appropriately Anglicized, we imagine), but the film is still lacking a villain or a female lead to join him.

Now, Twitch reports that the latter role has been offered to Elizabeth Olsen, who seems to be everywhere these days. Olsen’s gathering buzz for her parts in "Martha Marcy May Marlene" and "Silent House" (more on that in a minute), which would make her a strong choice to play against Brolin.

The offer is just an offer, and nothing else -- if you look below the original Twitch report, you’ll see a long list of offers and denials to many other Hollywood stars. (Sample: "Rooney Mara Targeted for OLDBOY," followed immediately by "Rooney Mara Says No to OLDBOY.") The role’s a hearty one, but given the... um, "memorable" details in the Korean original (gratuitous incestual sex, ay yi yi) and the murkiness regarding the remake’s source accuracy, it might be a hard sell for any budding starlet without need of the controversy.

Still, a Spike Lee picture still carries some cultural cachet, and "Oldboy" could be the vehicle to continue propelling Olsen to further stardom. I can’t imagine that the graphic specifics will be entirely replicated for American audiences, so maybe there’s no need to fear what’s lurking in Lee’s mind.

In case you needed any reminder, we’re covering Olsen in large during our "Silent House" week. You can watch an exclusive interview with her below, and wait for more fun facts over the next 10 days before "Silent House"’s March 9 premiere.

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