'Cowboy Ninja Viking' Snags 'World War Z' Director

Marc Forster is carving a very nice niche for himself as a director of all things absurd: Deadline reports that he’s slated to direct the adaptation of the graphic novel "Cowboy Ninja Viking," which has recently been acquired by Universal Pictures.

At the moment, Forster is wrapping work on "World War Z" for Paramount, the hopeful blockbuster about the zombie apocalypse and the changes it brings to humanity, but his new project is slated to start shooting later in the year. With a script from "Zombieland" writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese that was declared too edgy by Disney, it’s got an intriguing pedigree, to say the least.

"Cowboy Ninja Viking" is, of course, a documentary. (No it's not.) It’s probably best to let Deadline explain it as they do so eloquently: "The title character comes from a secret government program to turn schizophrenics into assassins. The protagonist comes through the program with the skill sets of a cowboy, ninja and a viking. While most of the patients involved in the program are sent back to insane asylum after the program went awry in Iraq, he escapes and uses his skills to track down the billionaire who masterminded the program."

It’s basically "The Bourne Identity" meets a fever dream, so it should be incredibly fun watch if it comes to light. Beware these ominous words, though, from Deadline’s report: "The hope is to spawn a franchise." My humble suggestion is "Robot Pirate Wizard," if they’re looking to go forward, or maybe "Busboy Handgun Rabbi." There are so many possibilities!

"World War Z" is supposed to come out on December 21, so it’ll probably be a while before more details from the "Cowboy Ninja Viking" set are revealed.

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