'Captain America' Actor Teases His Marvel Future

As "The Avengers" and "Captain America 2" are both set in the present day, it seemed like we might not be seeing Howling Commando member Gabe Jones again any time soon.

But when MTV News caught up with the man behind the squad member, Derek Luke, at the Spirit Awards over the weekend, he teased that that might not be the case.

Tease is the crucial word here. Do we know any more about Luke's future roles at Marvel? No. Does he say he'll be in upcoming movies with Captain America? Not at all. But he does reveal that there is a very high likelihood that he'll be returning to the Marvel universe in future films, and left us to puzzle out whatever that may mean.

When asked whether the time period shift for the upcoming Marvel movies from World War II (in "Captain America") to the present day would mean we wouldn't see Luke in future installments of the franchise, he just smiled and crafted a very evasive answer.

"It's amazing what happens when you walk through one door, it opens so many of them," he said. "So what I'll say is so many doors are open right now for me on that level and I'm just excited."

There was no way MTV News's Josh Horowitz was going to let Luke get away with that cryptic of an answer. When he prompted the actor to explain what he meant a little more, Luke answered, "In the world of Marvel, you can be anybody at any time so what you see is not always what is. That's all I have to say."

So does that mean Gabe Jones was actually some other significant Marvel character? Will he somehow be incorporated into the present day universe of "Captain America 2"? Or does Luke mean that he is lined up to take on some other Marvel movies unrelated to "Captain America." Don't expect to get an answer any time soon.

"I'm saying the door is wide open," Luke said, refusing to add any more. "And I'm excited."

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