'Avengers' Trailer: Hero Of The Week


The days after the Oscars have left the movies world in kind of entertainment food coma. Most news still centers on the ceremony and the nipples and legs that made appearances there. It was going to take a big event to shake Hollywood awake and splash some cold water in the face of the post-Oscar drag.

The new trailer for "The Avengers" was just the cure.

I don't know about you, but we weren't exactly jumping up and down in excitement when Ethan Hunt from "Ghost Protocol" announced that "The Artist" had won Best Picture, something we thought was made public weeks ago. It heralded the end of award season with the equivalent of a sad trombone while a silent film star shrugged his shoulders at the camera.

But then, coming like a gamma-radiated giant from heaven, we got a new trailer for "The Avengers." Not only did it help wash away the shame of the Academy Awards, the new footage continued the upward tick started by the extended Super Bowl trailer. Over the course of three trailers, Joss Whedon has slowly given us a sense of what this movie will be like, instead of the usual all-revealing theatrical trailer.

The beauty of the trailer is in the little things (relatively speaking). The citizens of Earth bow before Loki. The Hulk catches a falling Iron Man. You read about those images, and they don't seem particularly mind melting. But watching them happen, coupled with everything we already know about the movie, and we begin to see that maybe we were all looking forward to this for a reason.

Something about how it all came together finally clicked in a way that the first trailer did not and that the Super Bowl trailer came close to.

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