'Before Watchmen' Is 'Tricky,' Jeffrey Dean Morgan Says

"Watchmen" film veterans are starting to weigh in on the prequel series planned by DC Comics. Already, actor Matthew Goode expressed his interest in "Before Watchmen," admitting that he's curious to learn more about Ozymandias' past.

Less sure is Jeffrey Dean Morgan; the actor spoke with MTV News at the Independent Spirit Awards and confessed that without Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' direct involvement, "Before Watchmen" seems like a tricky proposition.

"I don't know how I feel about it," said Morgan. "If Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore aren't part of it, I don't know how you do that."

"I think it's a tricky thing," he continued. "I'd best stay out of that argument and conversation. I'm a stickler for what we did. We made that as a oneoff. There was no prequel talk or sequel talk, and Alan Moore didn't write it."

In other words, Morgan doesn't seem too keen on making more "Watchmen" movies. But the actor did admit that there are a few ways to change his mind.

"If Dave Gibbons said, 'This is okay,' and if [director Zack Snyder] was on board, then I'm there," he said. "One, just to work with Zack again. He's one of the directors in my life that I would work with anytime, anywhere, on anything. But I remember having conversations with him years ago saying this will never happen again—this is it. So we'll see!"

Movie sequels or not, Morgan admitted he's curious enough about "Before Watchmen" that he'll absolutely read the comics. "I'm going to check it out when it comes out, for sure. I'm interested to see it."

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