'Walking Dead' Casts David Morrissey As The Governor

"Walking Dead" has presented Rick Grimes with no shortage of challenges, both from the zombie community and from his very own people. But he's never faced evil quite like The Governor — though that's about to change very soon.

At long last, the coveted role of Philip "The Governor" Blake has been cast on "The Walking Dead." AMC has announced that British actor David Morrissey has won the highly anticipated role, with his first appearance set for season three.

Some mild spoilers ahead for those who haven't read "Walking Dead" already. In the comics, the Governor is in charge of a small community called Woodbury, where zombies and human prisoners are sometimes subjected to deadly gladiatorial games. The Governor is the chief sicko of the bunch, with some truly twisted and dark secrets of his own.

Morrissey's casting sets off a few alarms right away. First and foremost, it's great to see an excellent actor cast in the role, even if I was rooting for John Hawkes to take the part.

Secondly, though, is that we're mighty early for a Governor casting announcement. Season three hasn't even started shooting yet, so with the Governor cast, it's safe to assume that he'll show up fairly early in the next season's 16-episode run. That's interesting for a few reasons, not the least of which is that we haven't even encountered the (spoilers once again) prison yet. Is that an end-of-season-two reveal? Will the prison come early on in season three? Or are we bypassing the prison altogether and heading straight for Woodbury?

Lots of questions to ask, few answers in our immediate future, I'm sure. Either way, it's exciting to finally put a face to the Governor's name.

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