'Dark Knight Rises' Will 'Surprise You,' Says Composer

Hans Zimmer might not be as secretive as Christopher Nolan is about "The Dark Knight Rises," but he certainly gets where the director is coming from. Most of what fans know about the upcoming blockbuster film has been learned through leaks on the Internet instead of from Nolan or Warner Bros. And while that's becoming more and more commonplace in the Internet-friendly world that we live in, Zimmer does see some flaws with telling an audience about a film before they actually see it in theaters.

"If everybody’s watching you on the Internet, I think it stifles creativity. And I think ‘Dark Knight’ is the perfect example of this idea. Everybody knew we were making a Batman movie. But until it came out they didn’t know it was going to be that sort of a Batman movie," Zimmer told Hero Complex. "And isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? We’re supposed to go and surprise you. And part of the experience has to be a surprise."

Even with the many rumors swirling about who is actually playing what in "The Dark Knight Rises," there are sure to be many surprises in it once the film hits theaters. One of them actually will come from Zimmer himself.

In the Hero Complex interview, Zimmer teased that he came up with his "biggest, craziest" idea for a film score yet. And, surprisingly, it seems like it's something separate from the crowd chant that we've heard so much about.

"Before Chris [Nolan] started shooting, I had an idea. I went to the Warner [Bros.'] music department and I said, ‘Have I earned the right yet to book the biggest, craziest orchestra for two days, and try this experiment for 'Dark Knight?' And if it goes wrong, if I don’t like it or if Chris doesn’t like it, we can just pretend these two days never happened," Zimmer teased. "Basically it worked out, and snippets of it are starting to appear in the trailer. And really I have 25 minutes of very, very radical, very different stuff."

Zimmer also had some more thoughts about the difficulties he and Nolan have had keeping the secrets in "The Dark Knight Rises" secrets. Needless to say, he's not too enthused about many fans' desire to know everything about a movie before it comes out.

"It feels a little bit like we’re working very hard at protecting part of what is great about movies — the surprise. Because it seems like the world doesn’t want you to do that anymore. They want to know everything, they want to know about the stars and [this and that] immediately," he said. "And it’s not important to us. To us, really, the thing is the writing and the script and the ideas and the journey, and making it into something really good.”

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