'Amazing Spider-Man': Top 5 Clips Sony Should Reveal

Amazing Spider-Man

Thanks to the viral campaign, the Mark of the Spider-Man, we now have the first clip from "The Amazing Spider-Man," and it's about as mundane as everyone's afraid the movie will be.

Ever since the first trailer showed off a more emotional Peter Parker, many fans worried that the latest iteration of the wall-crawler would end up playing out like "(500) Days of Gwen Stacy," but thankfully, a more action-packed second trailer alleviated some of the fears.

Unfortunately, the first full clip from "The Amazing Spider-Man" falls more in line with the first trailer and shows off the awkward side of Peter Parker instead of the ass-kicking one. Since seeing a short sizzle reel at the screening event for fans, we know there is better footage to tease fans with, so we've compiled a list of scenes that should have been released.

5. The Awkward Hallway Scene

One of the longer scenes from the screening event showed Peter and Gwen awkwardly dancing around each other (not literally) in the school hallway. Some may have thought it drew out intentional laughs, but the uncomfortable chemistry proves Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are on their A-game here. It's charming, and if Sony doesn't want to show Spidey, it would have been a way to win over new audiences.

4. The Master and The Pupil

One of the elements in the film that could potentially surprise is the relationship between Peter and pre-reptile Curt Connors. "The Amazing Spider-Man" adds Peter's parents into the equation in a big way, so a tease about the relationship between Connors and Papa Parker might have shown us what's different this time around, something—frankly—we have not seen enough of.

3. The Car Jacking

The scene where Spider-Man waits in the back of a parked car for a thief to enter showed up in the second trailer. In essence, this is pure comic-book Spidey. He's funny, sarcastic, and we love him. Releasing the clip early wouldn't spoil anything for fans since the big punch line appeared in the trailer. Plus, it would have given fans a better idea of Marc Webb's take on the hero.

2. The Web Slinging

Shortly after the scene inside the car, Spidey toys with his prey a little by showing off some of the more creative ways to shoot some web. Again, we have a playful and cool Spider-Man, but more importantly, we're seeing the man in costume. As great as Andrew Garfield is, Sony should be selling Spider-Man, not the newest guy playing him.

1. The Death of Gwen Stacy

A fanboy can dream, can't he? Yeah, it would never happen. Would Sony be willing to kill off the biggest star of the reboot toward the end of the first movie? It would certainly surprise more than a few of us, but we'll have to wait and see whether Gwen will take the plunge on July 3.

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