The 'Amazing Spider-Man' Viral Survival Guide

Spider-Man's been keeping busy lately. The wise-cracking wall-crawler has been swinging around the country recruiting operatives for unknown purposes all week long, including your friendly neighborhood Splash Page editor. Well, I have it on good authority that Spidey's going to be needing my services very soon… which means it's time to prepare.

Thankfully, a few months ago, Kevin P. Sullivan and I whipped up this handy dandy "Dark Knight Rises" viral survival guide. Who knows what the upcoming "Amazing Spider-Man" adventure has in store, but I imagine a lot of these same rules apply.

If you, like me, are heading out to honor the Mark of Spider-Man soon, here are some very handy tips to keep in mind before swinging into action.

» Make sure your cell phone is fully charged. This is your connection to the real world. You'll need it to contact friends at home who can help from a distance, you'll need it to access the web when there's something complicated to look up, you'll need it for directions from Point A to Point B. The cell phone is your friend. Bring it with you and treat it kindly.

» In the words of Regis, you would like to phone a friend. Make sure to have someone you trust active and alert somewhere outside of your ground zero efforts. From a distance, they can help you solve all the riddles and puzzles that are part of Spidey's web.

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» Another thing you must bring with you: shoes. Running shoes, to be precise. Whatever Spider-Man's planning, it's not going to be without some physical challenges. You'll want to be able to run from point to point, accomplishing each task with as little trouble as possible. That means traveling in comfort. That means running shoes. (Heck, if you have Peter Parker's backpack, you could always borrow his sneakers.)

» On a related note, pack water. Hydration is key. Some high protein snacks are a bonus, too, to help keep you fueled with energy as the mission unfurls.

» The last tip: be one with the hero. Those who've been selected to bear the Mark of Spider-Man already have their Spidey-endorsed hoodies by now. Make sure to wear it when the masked hero comes calling for your services. It'll ensure that fellow webheads recognize you immediately, a sign of solidarity that just so happens to look super cool, too.

See? Don't I look super cool?

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