Six Villains We Want To See On The Green Arrow Series

by Ryan Rigley

Oliver Queen may not have the most extensive or colorful rogues gallery like some other well known DC heroes, but the emerald archer has been known to take on a number of foes from all across the DC Universe since his first appearance back in 1941. Whether they be Superman villains, Flash villains, or yes, even Batman villains, the Green Arrow never backs down from a fight. Which is truly admirable, considering that his only real "power" is being very good at archery.

The CW's "Smallville" was great in that it came jam-packed with special cameos from various well-known heroes and villains. We got to see a huge number of fan favorites, including but not limited to: Bizarro, Doomsday, Braniac, and even Oliver Queen himself! Here's hoping that they give the upcoming "Arrow" series gets a similar treatment.

Keep reading for six of the villains that we'd like to see on the show.

» Merlyn: This world reknowned archer was actually the inspiration for Oliver Queen to take up archery back when he was but a young man. Years later, the two came into direct conflict when Merlyn picked up a contract to assassinate Batman. Fortunately, Oliver was able to intercept Merlyn's arrow with one of his own, saving Batman's life and proving that he is and will always be the better archer. They have been rivals ever since -- and seeing as there's a Merlyn character remaining to be cast for the pilot, it appears that their rivalry will continue on the small screen.

» Count Vertigo: Born with a hereditary inner ear defect, Count Werner Vertigo installed a small electronic device in his right temple helping to keep him balanced. Soon, he discovered that the device allowed him to distort other people's balance perception as well. With this "Vertigo Effect," the Count turned to a life of crime using his newfound powers to disrupt and disorient anyone foolish enough to stand in his way. Also, he wears magnetic boots that enable him to walk up walls!

» Onomatopoeia: Very little is known about this mysterious masked man, other than the fact that he says sound effects out loud. For example, if he's shooting a gun he'll say "BANG!" and if he's hitting someone with a wooden plank he'll say "Thwack." Kevin Smith, the character's creator, has been pretty outright about his hesitance to see Onomatopoeia cinematically. But we think it's definitely worth a try!

» Prometheus: Like Green Arrow, Prometheus has no superhuman abilities. However, he does have a wide array of weapons and technology at his disposal. What makes Prometheus such a threat is his unique battlesuit and helmet that comes complete with an artificial Intelligence that can quickly calculate a number of tactics and countermeasures, allowing him to take down multiple targets simultaneously. He once single-handedly defeated most of the Justice League.

» Dr. Light: Arthur Light, a former criminal psychiatrist, has the power to manipulate light in any shape or form. He can turn invisible, create force fields, shoot energy blasts, and fly, amongst other things. Best known for his controversial role in 2004's "Identity Crisis," Dr. Light isn't just a supervillain, but also an admitted serial rapist. Few things are scarier than a rapist with super powers.

» Deathstroke: Slade Wilson is hands down the best assassin in the DC universe. With his enhanced strength, speed, stamina and reflexes, Slade is a formidable foe for even the likes of Batman. Having an extensive background in military combat, Deathstroke is a tactical genius that thrives in the heat of battle. His superhuman healing factor enables him to recover from injuries that would prove fatal to others, making Slade nearly impossible to kill.

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