'Walking Dead' Game Debuts New Images And Online Video Series

About a year ago, I ventured to San Francisco to check out Telltale Games' new title announcements. Sure, there was a "Jurassic Park" game and a "Fables" game (which we'll hopefully hear more about soon), but what I really wanted to see was the studio's "Walking Dead" adaptation.

Sadly, there was little in the way of eye-candy that night, and since then, news about the "Walking Dead" game has trickled out at a slow pace. Good news, though – it looks like the information drought is coming to an end. Not only are there three new screenshots of the game, but TellTale has also posted a lengthy talk-show-style video with the adaptation's writing team.

Somewhat similar to the format of AMC's "Walking Dead" talk-show, "Talking Dead," TellTale will continue to produce the "Playing Dead" (are you sensing a theme, here?) video series to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the game's production. The series will have nine episodes, and you can watch the first one right here.

If you're behind on "Walking Dead" game news, the first thing to understand is the game treats the comics as canon. As a huge fan of the books – and sometimes frustrated fan of the AMC show – TellTale's decision to pen a parallel story to the source material is a huge relief. The events of the game take place while Rick Grimes is still laying in a coma, introducing new characters and a few familiar faces in what essentially amounts to a prequel. The game's visuals are inspired by the comic artwork of Charlie Adlard.

"Collaborating with TellTale on "The Walking Dead" continues to be a fantastic process," said series creator Robert Kirkman, via today's press release. "They understand the world and characters that I created and what it takes to make a game out of them. What's really exciting is that they're telling a new story with new characters, so you'll get to see that same world Rick Grimes did, but from a different point of view."

So far, in regards to characters, we know that the game focuses on the trials of a man named Lee as he confronts a zombie-filled world with a little girl named Clementine by his side. Hershel and Glenn, series standards, also make an appearance.

The five-part episodic game is due out this spring on Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network.

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