'Spider-Man' Viral: A Cell Phone 'For Your Eyes Only'

The web of Spider-Man grows ever more complicated with each passing day. Yesterday, I showed you Peter Parker's backpack, which just so happened to find its way to Splash Page headquarters with all sorts of goodies inside from books, shoes, keys and more. But that's not all I was in store for.

Today, I got a package in the mail containing a pair of Spider-Man sweatshirts, a cell phone and charger, and a crumpled piece of paper with a message intended "for your eyes only." We'll honor the agreement, but the long and short of it is this: your friendly neighborhood Splash Page editor has to keep this cell phone with him at all times, fully charged, to await further instructors. Furthermore, I need to "find a friend you can trust." Beyond that, the whens, wheres and whats of this situation are completely unknown to me.

Things are clearly heating up on the "Spider-Man" viral front. The Mark of the Spider-Man site has been updated with a listing of Twitter feeds to follow for "players" in six selected cities. I'm based out of New York, so I'll be keeping my Twitter dialed into @NYCWebslinger.

But that's not all: the fine folks at Comic Vault noticed our Peter Parker backpack yesterday, and extracted a few additional details in the process. Namely, there's a new addition to the viral campaign at markofthespider-man.com/prepare, which shows an as yet unknown diagram that's sure to be critical to the future of Spidey's mission.

What does all this mean? Why do I suddenly have a new backpack, cell phone and pair of sweatshirts to call my own? Why on Earth am I questioning all of these "Amazing" things? Let's just roll with it! Stay locked into @MTVSplashPage and follow me on Twitter @roundhoward for more on the Spider-Man adventure.