'Spider-Man' Viral Campaign: Peter Parker's Backpack Arrives At MTV News!

Remember that "Amazing Spider-Man" viral campaign we told you about last week? Well, it's heating up -- and Peter Parker is lending more than just a hand!

A backpack belonging to none other than your friendly neighborhood webslinger has arrived here at Splash Page headquarters, containing all kinds of interesting goodies tying into the upcoming Sony superhero movie. Check out some photos beyond the break!

Up first, the backpack itself...

And now a quick look at everything it contained, from books to boots:

Well, not exactly boots. But here's a look at the Asics sneakers Peter wears when he's not busy stopping crime and stringing hoodlums up in webs. He's a size 11, if you're curious.

Those who know Peter well won't be surprised to see some hefty books in his bag, including this science text book from the American Chemistry Society. Does Peter own the reading material purely out of pleasure and curiosity, or has something changed inside of him to prompt his interest? You be the judge!

Again, it's no secret that Peter loves himself some photography. The backpack contains a binder filled with negatives and fully developed shots of some of his work. It's great stuff, with a bit of an Instagram-y vibe to it all. But it makes you wonder: how much will Peter's work as a photographer come into play in "Amazing Spider-Man," considering that there's been little to no chatter about the Daily Bugle?

Well... about that. Looks like the Bugle at the very least exists in the "Amazing" world, even if Peter himself has yet to encounter the paper's chief, J. Jonah Jameson.

Another hobby of Peter's: costume design. As he has in the past, the Peter of "Amazing" lore looks likely to design his own Spider-Man suit this time around, if the numerous sketches in his notebook are any indication. But it's not all about masks and tights, as Pete's notebook also comes filled with science formulas scribbled out all over the place.

There's more in the backpack, including safety goggles, sunglasses, and some keys to who knows where or what. But we're told that we can expect further "Amazing Spider-Man" viral goodness in the coming days, so keep it tuned into @MTVSplashPage and Mark of the Spider-Man for more this week!