'Avengers' Vs. 'Spider-Man': Which Trailer Is Best?

Marvel knocked it out of the park twice this week with their "Avengers" Super Bowl spot and "Amazing Spider-Man" theatrical trailer. Here at Splash Page, we love both trailers dearly. But which one do we like best?

Like Switzerland, we're staying out of this argument and letting some of our friends from across the blogosphere tackle the issue. See who they think wins in the battle of the "Avengers" spot versus the "Spider-Man" trailer!

Valerie Gallaher, MTV Geek:

"I preferred 'Avengers' over 'Amazing Spider-Man' because Avengers is the film I've been waiting for all my life, and Spider-Man I saw just ten years ago. I totally get that this is a Spidey for a new generation -- and Andrew Garfield looks like he's going to make a fine, if somewhat quippy, Peter Parker -- but the awe factor was bigger for me regarding the 'Avengers' spot because this is the first time I'm really seeing all these superheroes work together on film."

Steve Sunu, Comic Book Resources:

"Nobody's more jazzed for Earth's Mightiest Movie than me, but I've got to hand it to the 'Amazing Spider-Man' team for giving a shock to my spider-sense with this latest trailer. Showcasing a ton of unseen footage that gave a great story overview, the trailer struck the perfect balance between the film's darker tone and Spidey's trademark humor. Plus, any new footage of Emma Stone as the lovely Gwen Stacy is awesome in my book."

Lucas Siegel, Newsarama:

"'Marvel's The Avengers' is going to be a fanboy's dream. The disturbance in the geek culture force that was felt from a billion voices crying out when all six Avengers appeared on TV screens standing back-to-back in a circle looking worn but ready for the next push in a big battle was truly epic. Within seconds 'The Avengers' was trending on Twitter and fans of the films, the comics, the franchise as a whole were just plain excited. But, 'Amazing Spider-Man' has a lot to prove, and that trailer was spectacular, amazing, astonishing, and maybe even web of. 'Avengers' took it from a 9 to a 10, but Spidey took things from a 6 to an 11."

Breanne Heldman, NextMovie

"I'm team Spider-Man. While I'm really looking forward to seeing both movies, I fear the combination of all those Avengers becoming a giant mess and the trailer did nothing to quell those fears. Sure, there were great moments here and there (I loved the dialogue between Loki and Tony Stark especially), but, unlike many, the 'get excited about The Hulk' vibe makes me nervous. We've been there, done that twice already and it wasn't a success. Needless to say, been there, done that also applies to 'The Amazing Spider-Man,' but the chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone has me really jazzed. And Rhys Ifans as a bad guy is kind of brilliant (even though he looks distractingly like Andrew McCarthy in this movie). The movie looks fun, plain and simple."

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