'Amazing Spider-Man' Director Talks New Trailer

The most recent trailer for "The Amazing Spider-Man" seems to give a better idea of what fans can expect from the upcoming Spidey reboot, and even helped change some opinions about whether people were interested in the movie or not. According to director Marc Webb, that was his main goal in creating the latest teaser, and he's glad that his team has seemingly succeeded.

"Spider-Man" swings by in Talk Nerdy!

"People don't know what to expect, and I think it's really important for us to establish exactly why we believe it's an important thing to do," he said in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "We felt it was really important to give the audience a more specific idea of what the film would look like."

If that's what the movie will look like, then I am definitely on board. It's nice to see that the trailer included more Spider-Man in action than the previous teaser did, but it was also a thrill to get to see Rhys Ifans as The Lizard for the first time. Turns out that a lot of effort went in to making The Lizard not seem too cartoony, and Webb is pretty proud of the end result.

"We spent a lot of time thinking about the biology of a lizard, and how his muscles work, and there's an entire staff of people dedicated to making him look lifelike," Webb said. "It is an extraordinary task, and very, very difficult. It takes a lot of time, which a lot of people in this room can attest to."

The inclusion of Dr. Curt Connors -- the man who ends up turning into The Lizard -- in "The Amazing Spider-Man" is something that Webb believes is a major selling point for the film. Connors has appeared in Sam Raimi's films as well, played by Dylan Baker, but never as The Lizard. As a villain, The Lizard is pretty iconic, so Webb said thought he was important to include in this new origin tale.

But Webb also thinks that the big element that separates "The Amazing Spider-Man" from Raimi's Spidey films is the fact that Gwen Stacy is Peter Parker's love interest. He made sure that this new trailer highlighted this relationship, and the elements that make it different from Peter's relationship with later love interest, Mary-Jane Watson.

"This time we wanted to show Peter and Gwen a little bit more," he said of the new trailer. "To get to know more of the characterization, and a lot of the visual effects stuff that we've been working on, just to display the attitude of the film that we're trying to create."

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