Happy Birthday, Tom Hiddleston: Five Gifts For Loki!


I’d like to take a moment to wish Tom Hiddleston a very happy birthday today. The multi-talented British actor turns 31 years young today and to celebrate here at Splash Page I’ve compiled a list of five perfect gifts for Hiddleston’s most recognizable character so far, our favorite God of Mischief Loki.

A new birth certificate

It might just be me, but I think being a Frost Giant is totally awesome. Not only that, but being a direct descendant from the King of Frost Giants is extra neat. Unfortunately Loki does not think as highly of his biological parents as I do, so for his birthday let’s get him a new birth certificate upon which his father and mother are officially Odin and Frigga.

King of Asgard for a day

Speaking of daddy issues, Loki just can’t wait to be King. Of Asgard that is, not Jotunheim. Rather than Loki having to basically steal the crown via attempted murder, how about he gets to be King for his birthday and, depending on his behavior, it could be an annual thing? The optimist in me likes to believe that if Loki is given the opportunity in good faith, i.e. he’s not a second choice or substitute, he might do some good with power.

A public declaration of love from Thor

Not to go any further into the psychoanalysis of the supervillain, but all Loki really wants is to be loved. (Don’t we all?) I think it might make his life if Thor were to publicly declare his love for his brother in some way. Maybe make a big speech at an official event? Organize an Asgardian version of a press conference or a moment of Loki appreciation? If all else fails I’m sure Loki would love a nice big hug from his brother.

A Best Villain nomination at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards

Although reigning champ Tom Felton has a fervent fan following, I think people enjoyed Hiddleston’s performance enough to make him a serious contender in the Best Villain category at this year’s Movie Awards. Plus, Hiddleston has an extra advantage in that he’ll have demonstrated his villainous talents in not one, but two movies by the time our show rolls around: in “Thor” and “The Avengers.”

Lots of Pudding!

It has come to my attention that Mr. Hiddleston has a thing for pudding, in that he tweets about his love for the dessert somewhat frequently. At first I thought that he had an obsession with the basic Snack Pack variety that we Americans loved to find in our lunches as kids, then upon further searching I have come to understand that in British speak “pudding” can be a general term for all kinds of dessert. The next time I chat with the man I’m going to have to ask for a detailed explanation, but until then let’s hope he is celebrating today with lots of sweet treats.