'Dark Knight' Star Gary Oldman Panicked On Losing Batman Script

Gary Oldman

Few superheroes are as secretive as Batman. The Caped Crusader has an entire cave filled with secrets (don't ask about the Tyrannosaurus Rex), his identity is guarded more heavily than Fort Knox, and the methods to his madness remain a mystery to everybody but his closest confidants.

I mean, think about what Batman might do if he trusted you with one of his most prized possessions, only to find that you spilled the secrets to someone else, purposely or otherwise. This is a guy who runs around at night dressed like a bat, punching people in their faces, and stringing them up by their ankles for the cops to clean later. It wouldn't be pretty, right?

So you can imagine "Dark Knight Rises" actor Gary Oldman's shock and horror upon losing a copy of Christopher Nolan's Batman script once upon a time. Yes, that's a thing that happened.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," the Oscar nominated actor confessed to CNN when asked if stories were true about him losing one of Nolan's prized Batman movie scripts in a hotel. "Hotels, they sometimes fold the bed, they take that cover, and they put it like so at the bottom of the bed. [The script] wouldn't go in the safe and I didn't want to leave it in my bag. So I put it in amongst the blankets and things and thought, well, I'll hide it there. And I'd forgotten where I put it!"

It gets worse: Oldman's copy of the script came complete with a fully revealed ending, unlike other actors who only got pages here and there.

"Mine was complete—some scripts don't have the ending," he said. "I had a whole, complete script. I panicked! I panicked for about 20 minutes!"

Thankfully, this story appears to have had a happy ending, considering that Oldman is still alive to talk with CNN and bask in the glow of his first-ever Oscar nomination. Not to say Batman didn't pay him a terrifying visit at night to set him straight. That probably happened.

Thanks to Comic Book Movie for pointing this out!

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