'Man Of Steel' Director Zack Snyder Is Like Martin Scorsese, Michael Shannon Says

Michael Shannon wants to set the skeptics of Zack Snyder's upcoming "Superman" reboot, "Man of Steel," at ease. He has some pretty high praise for the "Sucker Punch" director, even going as far as to compare his visual style to Martin Scorsese.

"I think Zack is the master stylist, visually, I mean he’s up there with Scorsese in my book in terms of visual composition, orchestration, etc," Shannon said in a recent interview with The Playlist.

Shannon would be the man to know, too. Scorsese is executive producer on Shannon's HBO show "Boardwalk Empire," and also directed the series' pilot episode. And it does seem like a fair comparison. Despite what fans and critics may think about the films Snyder has directed, his visual style is undeniably unique and striking.

Snyder's strength has always been in his superhero movies. Though he made a break onto the scene with his remake of "Dawn of the Dead," the former commercial and music video director made a name for himself with his slo-mo, CGI-heavy adaptation of "300." He went on to adapt the unfilmable graphic novel "Watchmen," and then of course helmed his ill-fated original project, "Sucker Punch." It's nice to see Snyder returning to the comic book genre, as that seems to be his strong suit.

Shannon also had kind words to say about his costar, Henry Cavill. "Henry is a fantastic Superman, he’s got a little edge to him and he’s smart, clever and I had fun working with him," Shannon said. He also confirmed that "the whole thing is edgy in a way like when Nolan took over the Batman franchise." Just don't tell this little kid that! At least he can watch Shannon be adorable in the below installment of After Hours.

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