Denzel Washington To Join Mark Wahlberg In '2 Guns'

Denzel Washington

This should garner some renewed interest in the upcoming adaptation of "2 Guns." The comic book flick gained a director, "Contraband's" Baltasar Kormakur, back in October, and now it looks like the film has found its second gun.

Deadline is reporting that Denzel Washington is in early talks to join Mark Wahlberg in "2 Guns." Apparently the movie is shaping up to be a hot sale title at the European Film Market in Berlin, so that could be why it's getting such forward momentum right now. Universal is currently set to distribute and market the flick in the United States.

"2 Guns" has been a priority at Universal for a while now. The Steven Grant graphic novel tells the story of DEA agent Trench and undercover naval intelligence officer Steadman who are set up to investigate each other as men looking to steal the mob's money. But what neither of them realize is that they both have been conned into stealing $50 million from the CIA. "Brotherhood's" Blake Masters wrote the screenplay.

The movie was originally slated to be a starring vehicle for Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, but it shifted gears tonally when Mark Wahlberg and director David O. Russell joined the picture. O. Russell and Vaughn have since left the project, and now it seems like "2 Guns" is gearing up for balls-to-the-wall action. And I can't deny that it will be pretty darn exciting to see two big action stars like Washington and Wahlberg finally get to face off against one another in a movie.

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