'Amazing Spider-Man' Trailer Commentary: Action Heavy, Lizard Light

The Super Bowl kicked off a fantastic week for movie trailers, but the week became truly "Amazing" thanks to your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Watch our "Amazing Spider-Man" trailer commentary!

Now that Sony and director Marc Webb have unleashed their full-length theatrical trailer for "The Amazing Spider-Man," fans finally have a strong sense of what the team is driving at with their reboot of the Marvel Comics icon. No, it's not just a dark and gritty emo-fest. There's comedy here. There's lightness. And there's a whole lot of action.

I've been very happy with the casting of Andrew Garfield pretty much from word one. His prankster antics in "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" proved to me that he can do jokey Spidey, while "Social Network" showed he has the chops to tap into the character's more dramatic side. But that first teaser didn't give me anything to work with when talking to Garfield detractors. Now, there's plenty. In this latest trailer, Garfield shows that he's got the goods: he's funny, he's fast on his feet, and he looks awesome in the blue and reds. Honestly, I'm not missing Tobey Maguire at all right now.

What I am missing is a compelling villain. I think Rhys Ifans is a fantastic actor, but a) you get very little out of him in this trailer, and b) I just can't get on board with the Lizard design. He's only seen in brief glimpses, but those glimpses leave a lot to be desired. His Curt Connors might be a compelling character, but every time I see Lizard, I'm afraid I'm going to be thinking "Super Mario Bros." movie Goomba. Not good.

Having said that, I love the size and scale of Lizard, mostly in terms of what that means for the size and scale of "The Amazing Spider-Man." This is a very physical villain, the way Webb has decided to pursue him. You see Lizard scaling buildings, standing tall atop New York City's greatest skyscrapers. That paves the way for some truly fantastic, breathtaking action between him and Spidey. Combine that with how great the web-shooters and subsequent web-slinging look in action, and it's safe to say that "Spider-Man" is going to be a visual feast at the very least.

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