New 'Spider-Man' Viral Campaign Kicking Off?

If your spider-sense is tingling, it's no accident: looks like Peter's caught a virus, folks!

Following the release of the new "Amazing Spider-Man" trailer comes word that a brand new viral campaign has kicked off as well. Exactly what it entails remains unclear, but some details have surfaced thanks to the eagle-eyed reporters at Collider.

The website points out that towards the end of the new "Spider-Man" trailer —right near the reveal of the "7.3.12" release date — the words "Mark of the Spider-Man" can be seen. Follow that to the website and you'll see, for now at least, a bare bones page with six static-covered monitors and the crimson-colored Spider-Man logo hanging at the bottom of the page.

What exactly are we in store for? Considering we just got a new trailer, another new trailer isn't likely. But those who attended this week's global "Spider-Man" event were treated to a sizzle reel filled with tons of new footage to chew on — perhaps some lucky fans will gain new access to that "Amazing" footage through the new viral campaign?

Regardless of how it spins out, it's safe to say that the "Spider-Man" marketing game is officially in full effect. We'll keep you posted on any and all updates as we get 'em.

What do you think the new "Spider-Man" viral campaign is all about? Do you think we'll get a reveal of the sizzle reel footage, or something else entirely? Leave your best guesses for us in the comments and on Twitter!