New 'Avengers' Images Fly From Toy Fair And Harley-Davidson


You'd think that amazing extended Super Bowl spot would have been enough "Avengers" goodness to tide us over until the May 4 release, but you would be underestimating our hunger for all things Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

The two newest images come from curious places. One shows the team assembled walking toward the camera. The picture originated over at Harley-Davidson's website. According to the main page, a new contest will put the winner into a digital "Avengers" comic and win a custom cycle. The connection between the Avengers and Harley-Davidson might not be clear at first, but then again you might be Amurican! [sic] As a country, we don't have any more iconic images.

The second advanced look at one of the movie's characters is small and plastic. Toys have played a much more significant role in the lead up to this year's big superhero films than ever before. MTV Geek secured an image of the upcoming Hulk action figure from Diamond Select Toys in conjunction with Toy Fair 2012.


Plastic Hulk looks more or less like you'd expect. He does not have purple pants, favoring a more stylish khaki, something that has been pointed out a hilarious amount of times.

As great as new "Avengers" material is, there have been enough photos of action figures and Photoshopped group shots to last us a lifetime. With the movie still months away, the teases may have to get more substantial to keep us interested.

We'll just keep watching that Assembled Circle shot on loop to stay happy.

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