'Justice League' Actress Explains Why Wonder Woman Is 'Iconic'

Justice League

Through more than a decade of work, voice actress Susan Eisenberg has become the definitive voice of Wonder Woman over multiple "Justice League" cartoon series and straight-for-DVD releases. She returns as Diana Prince in the upcoming "Justice League: Doom," which looks like yet another success in DC's long line of animated adaptations. "Doom" modifies the famous "Tower of Babel" JLA comic book storyline into something more expansive, replacing Ra's al Ghul with an entire Legion of Doom to use Batman's contingency plans against the Justice League.

In anticipation of the movie's release, Eisenberg gave an extensive interview in which she touched on all things DC-related.

"Wonder Woman is truly iconic," she says. "Everyone knows her. There's something wonderful about playing a character who is recognized throughout the world. And I love her strength. I love that she stands for something and that she believes in what she believes. She's very, very loyal and faithful and, in the beginning, I got to play her more vulnerable, and now I get to play her more adult and stronger. She's a wonderful character."

The whole interview is long, but worth reading. Eisenberg talks about how she got started playing Wonder-Woman, how the role has changed over her lifetime, and the reaction she gets from fans. She even talks about the Batman-Wonder Woman romance fanvids on YouTube, and her thoughts on the much mocked invisible plane. The responsibility of playing Wonder Woman seems very important to her, as it should.

"I'm enormously proud that I get to play her -- it truly is a privilege and an honor," she says. "People have definite, strong opinions of Wonder Woman, and she’s known everywhere. She is this embodiment of female empowerment, and that's a thrill, too, because there are little girls and little boys and they're watching this and seeing that she's so strong and so tough and righteous. It’s great to be able to provide that example of heroics through this character. I'm a guardian of that, and I don't take it lightly. And every time I get asked to voice the role, I feel grateful -- each and every time. I hope I keep getting to do it."

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