'Dark Knight Rises' Director Is 'The Most Secretive Guy,' Michael Caine Says

Michael Caine

Michael Caine's days of looking out for Bruce Wayne are coming to a close. The Oscar winner's final turn as trusted butler Alfred Pennyworth is coming up in this summer's "Dark Knight Rises," and as is the case with all things from the Christopher Nolan era of Batman movies, we'll miss him dearly.

But heartfelt sentiment isn't good enough if you're hoping for answers from Caine: like the rest of his costars, Caine is sworn to secrecy on all things "Dark Knight," no matter how nicely you ask.

"On Batman you get shot if you speak about it," Caine told The Mirror in a recent interview, only promising that "this one will definitely be the best ever."

"When you do one of the films it's like signing the Official Secrets Act," he added. In fact, Caine said things are so secretive on Nolan's sets that the director himself watched him like a hawk when he first read for "Batman Begins."

"The director Chris Nolan is the most secretive guy," said Caine. "The first time he came to me for Batman he came to my house in the country on a Sunday morning. I opened the door and he was standing there with a script. He said, 'do you want to play the Butler?' He stayed while I read it and took the script away. He wouldn't trust me with it!"

Even if Caine can't say much about working in Gotham City, the actor can't go anywhere without getting recognized for his Batman partnership.

"There was a funny incident a little while ago," he said. "I was walking along Piccadilly in London and there was a group of 12 Japanese teenagers. They all saw me and went nuts. They were all pointing at me and getting little bits of paper out saying, 'Can we have your autograph?' And I said, 'What film have you seen me in?' And they said, 'You’re Alfred, Batman.' Tiny little Japanese girls and they all knew who I was. Isn't that great?”

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