Max Landis Debuts 'Death Of Superman' Short Film


Hey, remember back in 1992 when the marketing wizards of DC came up with the brilliant idea to kill off Superman? Remember how it was super confusing to anyone who even remotely understood the basic constructs of Superman's mythos, and how it irrevocably marred the franchise forever? Yeah, that was an awesome idea.

Max Landis, whose new found-footage superhero film "Chronicle" appears in theaters this weekend, has a few opinions about the Man of Steel's demise – and subsequently inexplainable return – in his short film, "The Death and Return of Superman."

I can't believe twenty years have passed since this foolishness occurred. I don't use the word "foolishness" in that endearing way one might refer to a goofy cousin that flushes cherry bombs down the school toilet; no, I'm saying DC really dropped a giant dookie on the Superman franchise when they devised this idiotic plan.

Landis nails it with his short film, using absurd live-action to better explain just how dumb the Doomsday situation really was. For those of you too young to remember when Superman died fell into some kind of ludicrous healing coma, here's all you need to know: it was the worst thing ever, and yet, DC made a boatload of cash. Granted, large portions of said cash were collectors buying up what should have been the "last," true issue of Superman's life – except that it wasn't, because he was actually just turning into a hippie in his sleep.

Moreover, Landis makes an excellent point about the death of superheroes, insomuch that we'll never really believe it again. We're so jaded on the subject as readers, it didn't even seem all that weird when Grant Morrison had dead Batman traveling through time. I mean, stop and think about that.

You can watch the "Superman" short by clicking here.

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