'Avengers' Super Bowl Ad: Five Key Scenes

The Giants won the Super Bowl — technically. Ask the geek community and you'll find that Earth's Mightiest Heroes were the real winners of the biggest game of the year.

The "Avengers" Super Bowl ad was an incredible sight to behold in addition to a kickass game, but really, the real victory was online: Marvel posted a Facebook-exclusive extended "Avengers" trailer that you can check out over here. The regular ad is available above for your viewing pleasure, and beyond the break, check out the five key scenes from the two combined spots.

Shipping Out

We've seen them in comics. We've seen them as toys. Now we've seen them in live-action. The Quinjet and the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier made their grand debuts in the Super Bowl spot, and even though we didn't see too much of either, it's extraordinarily comforting to know they both exist.

Hulking Out

Another thing we already knew existed but feel much better about having seen in action: the big green meanie! Not a lot of Mark Ruffalo in the new spot, no, but plenty of Jade Giant goodness. By all accounts—and, in fairness, they are brief accounts—this looks like the coolest version of the Hulk yet. And despite what he says, we really like him when he's angry.

Aliens Unmasked

At long last, we got our first look at the aliens Loki's brought to Earth to battle the planet's mightiest heroes. We still don't know exactly who they are, but screenshots lead us to believe that they're not the Skrulls (boo), but perhaps some heavily armored foes from Jotunheim. We'll find out for sure on May 4, but there's enough to speculate on for now.

Iron Clad

While Hulk gets major kudos for his "Avengers" trailer performance, I'm giving the MVP award to Tony Stark. He gets all the greatest moments in the spot: his snarky chat with Loki, his battle-damaged visage, flying head-first into an army of aliens, and assembling some armor that may or may not be the Hulkbuster (thank Newsarama's Lucas Siegel for that theory). All in all, awesome to see ol' Shellhead again.

Assembled At Last

But really, is there a better moment in the ad than seeing the six Avengers circled up in the middle of a ruined Manhattan? No, there isn't. We've long waited for Earth's Mightiest Heroes to assemble, and assemble they have. The fact that we have three full months to wait before we see them in their entirety is too painful to bear.

What were your favorite moments from the "Avengers" Super Bowl spot? Tell us in the comments section and on Twitter!