EXCLUSIVE: 'Walking Dead: Left Behind' Facebook App Launched

Walking Dead

If you ever wanted to live through a zombie apocalypse, here's your chance.

AMC TV has launched a new "Walking Dead" interactive Facebook app today titled "The Walking Dead: Left Behind," and it's pretty damn freaky. Basically, it drags you head first into the walker-filled world of the "Walking Dead," by drawing information from your account and incorporating it into a first-person viewing experience that feels right at home with the tone of the AMC survival horror series.

Here's how it works: after connecting your Facebook account to the "Left Behind" app, you'll be treated to a veritable short film starring you—yes, you—waking up in the midst of the apocalypse. With your hands covered in bloody bandages and your person confined in a police cell, you'll emerge and start piecing the puzzle together that the world has ended. Everyone and everything you know is gone.

If that doesn't sound exactly dazzling to you, give it a shot. Each video is personalized based on your Facebook account, resulting in plenty of Easter eggs that are sure to mess with your mind. For me, I saw photos of my loved ones up on a corkboard. I had a dire text message from a close friend (in my case, comic book industry veteran Kevin Mahadeo). I even had a crumpled up photo of my girlfriend's profile picture—a double whammy, because her profile picture is a shot of our adorable cat hanging out with an Angry Bird.

First, the profile pic...

And here he is again in the middle of the apocalypse!

So, yeah, pretty funky stuff. Head to Facebook and give the "Left Behind" app a whirl, then come back if you've survived to tell the tale.

"The Walking Dead" resumes its second season on February 12 at 9PM ET.

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