'Chronicle' Star Alex Russell Talks Superpowers and Hero Comparisons

When a superhero flies, you think Superman. But when the three guys from "Chronicle" start floating around, star Alex Russell doesn't want to be associated with any of the costumed crusaders from the past.

MTV News caught up with the Russell, Michael B. Jordan and Dane DeHaan to talk about the upcoming found footage superhero movie, and they made it clear that their characters are their own men. Russell said that it's what the guys do after getting their powers from a mysterious hole in the ground that makes them different.

"I feel like superheroes like Batman and Spider-Man and Superman, for whatever reason, take on a specific persona and characteristic, having to associate yourself with a bat or a spider or have a specific image because those are the particular powers you have," Russell said. "Matt, Andrew and Steve aren't having any intention to have any kind of image out there about themselves."

And that's the big draw of "Chronicle." Once the high school students get their telekinetic powers, they don't have that lofty of goals, no great responsibility. "They're just using it for fun," he said.

That isn't to say that the three of the won't find themselves in the occasional superhero scenario, but Russel said there's a good reason for that. "As the film goes on and things get out of control, then you start to see some similarities to the kind of scenes that you do see in superhero movies," he said. "It's just because they're forced into that situation, and they have to do what needs to be done, not because they want an image or anything. I wouldn't say you could associate them with an particular superhero."

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