Ryan Reynolds Reflects On 'Green Lantern,' Uncertain About Sequel

As one of Hollywood's biggest comic book fans, Ryan Reynolds has aligned himself with several high profile superheroes in recent years, with varying degrees of success. His most ambitious effort to date, "Green Lantern," flew into theaters, but disappointed financially and didn't exactly dazzle the critics.

MTV News caught up with the actor while he was promoting his next film "Safe House," and Reynolds opened up about how he looks back on his films, "Green Lantern" in particular.

For Reynolds, the key to working as an actor is the way he approaches completed films. It's more journey than destination. "I think it's very wise advice: never congratulate yourself too much, and never berate yourself too much. This is very sage advice," he said. "I look at moviemaking more as the experience than the outcome, which is by and large a pretty healthy way to look at it."

Reynolds described fixating on the final product as an ultimately unsatisfying activity. "If you're invested in the outcome of every single movie, you're bound to have moments where you aren't going to be as happy," he said. "I've had movies that were very successful that I wasn't happy with."

The actor's last superhero movie, "Green Lantern," was far from the out-right failure many paint it as. The film's decent opening weekend returns led Warner Bros. execs to recognize an audience for the film, and President Jeff Robinov has said he remains hopeful about a potential sequel.

The man behind Hal Jordan couldn't comment with as much certainty. When asked about what the prospects of a sequel are, Reynolds said he simply couldn't say. "I have no idea. I do not cut those kinds of checks," he said. "I couldn't have answered that any more clearly before the movie came out either."

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