TIGHTS: No 'Avengers' Cameo For Spider-Man


Your friendly neighborhood web-head is staying away from Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Those very same heroes make an all-too-brief appearance in a preview of an upcoming Super Bowl ad. Plus, see why Judge Dredd is simply too cool to be forgotten.

Put your Tights on and fly past the break for today's scattered comic book movie news!

God Speed, Spider-Man

During today's "Avengers" Twitter Q&A with director Joss Whedon and stars Samuel L. Jackson, Clark Gregg and Tom Hiddleston, the recent rumor of a Spider-Man cameo in Marvel's upcoming superhero extravaganza finally bit the dust. "There is no Spider-Man cameo," Whedon pledged. "But the Avengers do turn off the dark."

"Avengers" Assemble For Football

Even more important than Spider-Man's "Avengers" demise is the reveal of ten seconds of footage from the Whedon-directed superhero flick. The prized moment of the Twitter Q&A shows our heroes at their most battered, and even includes some high-flying enemies to boot. Click here to check it out, and tune into the Super Bowl on Sunday (February 5) for the full spot.

Russo And Sosenko Are "Too Cool To Be Forgotten"

Too CoolTop Shelf's "Too Cool to be Forgotten" has long been on the road from comic stores to cinema, and here's another stop along the way: Deadline reports that writers Rocky Russo and Jeremy Sosenko have been hired to bring the Alex Robinson graphic novel to the big screen. Robinson's tale centers on a 40-year-old-man attempting to quit smoking via hypnosis, instead finding himself transported back to his days as a 15-year-old high schooler.

Last we'd heard, "Role Models" director David Wain was circling the adaptation. Nearly two years have passed since that report, so his continued involvement is anyone's guess at this point.

Obey The Law

Presented without comment, an awesome new look at Karl Urban in "Dredd."

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