TIGHTS: Batman Strikes, 'Avengers' Sees 3-D

Dark Knight Merches

A new merchandise snap proves not every "Dark Knight Rises" item is cool. We get yet another update on the "Powers" TV series. And your prayers for 3D glasses that look vaguely like your favorite Marvel superheroes are answered.

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The Dark Knight Dives

It seems like every day there is something new and superhero-related that comes out from merchandise packaging. The latest toy scoop comes from some "Dark Knight Rises" merchandising in the form of a new photo of Christian Bale in full Batman get-up. It's definitely something to behold. Batman jumps toward the camera, mouth agape with anguish in his eyes, like the last piece of pizza is about to hit the ground.

'Powers' Still A Go?

MTV News offered some insight into the progress of the long awaited comic book adaptation when we spoke with Charles Dutton at Sundance. The actor said that a decision was imminent, and the book's co-creator Brian Michael Bendis echoed similar sentiments on Twitter. "Last night I had a pretty great convo with the president of FX," he wrote. "Powers people, it’s going to take some time but we’re still in the game."

The Return of Shazam!

Captain Marvel Shazam, due to legal problems, has not been given the same attention his DC cohorts have benefited from in the New 52, but now comics all-star Geoff Johns is taking a crack at the legendary superhero. "The Curse of Shazam!" will consist of 10 monthly back-up stories in "Justice League," which will be penned by DC's chief creative officer. More relevant to our interests is the status of the "Shazam" film, which Johns says is still very much in the works: "There's always talk about Shazam. And I can't get into the specifics on that, but yeah, there's hope for Shazam."

Kicking Ass Without Matthew Vaughn

Over at the MillarWorld forum, the man himself took time to address concerns that Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman wouldn't return for "Kick Ass 2," saying that Vaughn is pulling "a George Lucas" by overseeing the sequel without directing it. He also has updates on "Nemesis," "War Heroes" and more.


The Avengers don't assemble every day, you know, so when they do, you better make sure you're looking your best. You'll have a chance to do that with a set of special edition 3D glasses that are styled after one of four of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. The special frames will cost you extra if you go to see the 3D version of the movie.

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