From 'Grey' To Gotham: Liam Neeson On Christopher Nolan's Batman

Now that 2012 is finally upon us, it's time to face the harsh reality that after this year, there will be no further Christopher Nolan Batman movies to look forward to. It's a day we hoped would never come, and while it's still some months away, those months are going to fade all too fast.

As "The Dark Knight Rises" approaches, we're making a point of talking to as many people involved in Nolan's revival of the Batman franchise as possible — and with "The Grey" hitting theaters today, MTV News had the chance to chat with "Batman Begins" villain Liam Neeson about the impact Nolan's had on the superhero scene.

"He seems to have upped the ante quite a bit, hasn't he," Neeson said on how Nolan's Batman movies have changed the comic book game. "He's made it dark and complex."

It's not just the former Ra's Al Ghul who had an opinion on Nolan's Batman. "Grey" director Joe Carnahan weighed in with his views as well, saying: "What Chris had to rescue, the doldrums from which he had to rescue the Batman franchise, were considerable. I mean, that's like diving down into the center of the Earth and pulling up [gold]. I just think he did a remarkable job of that. And the proof is in the pudding. Those movies are absolute character studies disguised as superhero films, which I think are great."

"That's a good description," Neeson agreed. "That was very good."

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